TV DVD Combos

TV DVD Combos are well liked by consumers because they are eliminate clutter and are easy to use. One less box and all of the cables that go with it is very helpful in places like bedrooms, kitchens and dorm rooms where space is limited.

These combos are easier to use because you don’t have to use a separate remote when you want to watch a DVD. They are simpler to set up when you bring it home and since there is only one product to buy, it makes the buying decision process easier.

TV/DVD combos can be found in sizes from under 10 inches, up to 40 inches, and with standard-definition, enhanced-definition and high-definition displays. The more popular TV-DVD combos have LCD displays.

Most experts say if space isn’t an issue, you are better off buying a separate DVD player and a TV set rather than a combo. Stand alone DVD players and TVs in general have more features than the combos. Of course, in a combo, if one unit breaks it is harder to repair than one unit or the other.

The latest Consumer Electronics Show (in January 2009) indicated that the TV/DVD combos may be coming more popular. Several manufacturers made TV-DVD player combos a more important part of their overall strategies. The first TV/Blu-ray Player Combos were also on display. These combos have advanced features, full 1080p resolution and bigger screens.


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