Did the Analog to Digital Transition Affect Me?

Satellite and Telephone Subscribers
You were not affected.

Cable Subscribers:
You most likely were affected or you will be in the very near future! Check our Cable information page for more information.

Antenna Users:
If you are receiving TV signals from an antenna on your roof or rabbit ears, you were affected unless you have a Digital TV (DTV) set.

If you have a Digital TV set with a built-in digital tuner (called an ATSC tuner), you can receive free over-the-air digital programming without doing anything.

If you don’t have a digital TV set, you will need to purchase a converter box to continue watching TV since the change on June 12, 2009.

A digital to analog converter box changes the digital broadcast signal into an analog signal that can be viewed on your analog TV set.

Each analog TV set will need its own converter box, unless you want to watch the same channel on all your TV sets.

If you are currently using a rooftop antenna or "rabbit ears" to receive over-the-air television signals, and you have good or excellent reception quality, the same antenna should be able to provide you with reception of digital television broadcast signals.

Consumers who receive free, over-the-air broadcasting on analog sets have several options to choose from to receive digital television programing.

Your options:

  • Keep your current TV and buy a Converter Box (that will convert the digital signal into analog for an existing television set).
  • Buy a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or DVD Recorder with a digital (ATSC) tuner that will replace a converter box.
  • Subscribe to Satellite, Cable, or a Telephone Company provider.
  • Buy a Digital TV set.
  • EZ Tips for Buying a New Digital TV Set

    There is a Website that can tell you what antenna you need in any part of the country just by typing in your address and zip code. For more information about choosing the correct antenna to receive local over-the-air television broadcast channels, visit www.antennaweb.org.

    Will I need a new antenna after the transition?


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