Digital TV Sets

Digital TV sets are televisions that are capable of receiving digital signals from various types of television broadcasters such as over-the-air TV, cable or satellite. Digital TVs have replaced the TV sets that received the old analog signals.

Since March 1, 2007, by law all television reception devices (including TVs, VCRs, DVRs, etc.) imported into the U.S. must contain a digital tuner.

With the analog to digital transition that occurerd on June 12, 2009, many people are shopping for a new Digital television. But there are so many different types of TVs. It can be so confusing!

Types of Digital TV sets:


Portable Digital TVs


Mobile Digital TV

How to select the right TV set

When we used to buy a new TV set, all we had to decide on was the size, go home and plug it in.

Now, we have so many options! There are tiny 3" portable TVs, super large TV screens that don’t weigh a ton, are slim and attractive. With Digital TV we can have a crystal clear picture regardless of the size and even search the web while watching TV!

We can attach all kinds of new products to the TV sets such as
Digital Video Recorders,

Digital Still Cameras,
Digital Video Cameras,
gaming consoles, converter boxes and even a computer!

EZ Tip: Shop in the stores to get a close up view, but be sure to check internet prices on TV sets. With your new digital TV set, you will probably need some HDMI Cables too.

Welcome to the exciting world of Digital TV!


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