Over the Air TV

What is Over the Air TV?

Over the air TV is the reception of free digital TV signals using an antenna or rabbit ears connected to your TV set. The stations included are the channels that you currently watch on cable or satellite to view local news and major network channels. Most of these channels are affiliates of large national networks such as: ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. However, they are not limited to these networks and can include smaller independent stations.

Can OTA TV help me save money?

Yes it can! Both cable and satellite have expensive monthly subscription fees but OTA TV is free! Most people pay upwards of $80/month for cable or satellite. If you drop those subscriptions and go with OTA, you can still watch shows you only thought you could get with cable. With media streaming, using a box like Roku or TiVo, you can watch these shows on your TV with little cost. You will need a streaming device and a small monthly charge ($8 for Netflix) or pay per view movies. We have the Roku and Apple TV and enjoy them both!

What do I need to receive free OTA TV?

You will need an antenna (outdoor or indoor), or rabbit ears, and a TV set. If you have an analog TV set, you will also need a digital to analog converter box. Most OTA TV signals are now all digital (since the transition in 2009) and an analog TV will not work with digital signals. A converter box changes the digital signals to analog so you can see a picture. A digital TV set has ATSC tuner so there is no need for a converter box. Receiving OTA TV is actually very simple.

How do I hook it all up?

    Using a converter box with an analog TV set: Connect the antenna or rabbit ears to the converter box, and the converter box to the TV set. See this connection diagram for help.

    Using a digital TV set: No need for a converter box! Just connect the antenna or rabbit ears to your TV set.

Can everyone receive OTA TV?

Unfortunately the answer is no. It depends on where you live. If you are in a rural area, you may be too far away from a TV station to receive the broadcast TV signals. Please check this Digital TV Reception Map for your area.

 Enjoy Free OTA TV!


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