Antennas and Digital Television

When it comes to antennas and digital television, consumers should be aware that if you use a digital-to-analog converter box, you will still need an antenna or rabbit ears to receive DTV signals.

Will I Need a New Antenna to Receive Digital TV?

In addition, for consumers who may wish to purchase outdoor antennas, information on the appropriate type of outdoor antenna for your location can be obtained at

Note that the type of antenna needed at a specific location may vary depending on geographic location, the height at which the antenna is used, and the presence of nearby structures and other local factors.

If your television currently receives good quality reception on analog channels with a broadcast antenna, it should be able to receive digital television (DTV) signals, including high definition television (HDTV) signals, with the same antenna.


OUTDOOR Antennas:

A few of the converter boxes work with a Smart Antenna. Only a couple of models were manufactured for a short period of time. They are now very hard to find. Amazon occasionally carries them:

Smart Antennas:


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