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Most frequently asked questions:

Susan: Will these new flat wall mounted antennas work for me? 

Answer: A single antenna type will not work in every circumstance; your location will be different from someone across town or in the next city. These relatively new flat antennas will work best in locations near TV transmission towers where the signal is strongest. Visit our Antenna page for more information related to your question.

Question: I hooked up my TV to a new antenna and now I don't get as many channels as before...why?

Answer: You may have Digital Reception Problems and need to re-scan your TV for channels. Changing to a new antenna with better reception will mean you need to scan for channels again so your TV can add them to the channel list. If the antenna has poor reception qualities, you may lose several channels received previously.

: Can I put a converter box between the antenna and a splitter to feed all the TV sets in my house?

Answer: A digital to analog converter box can be connected to several TVs at the same time using a splitter, BUT all of the TVs will view the same channel- the one that the converter box is set to. The converter box can only be tuned to one channel at a time. For practical purposes, each TV set will need its own converter box.

Stephanie asks: Where can I get a replacement remote control for my converter box?
Answer: We have a list of replacement remotes here.

Randy asks: We have satellite but use our outside antenna for local stations, do we need an AB switch to hook up our converter box?
Answer: There is a hook up diagram on our Satellite Information Page

Melanie asks: How do I hook up a converter box in my RV?
Answer: We have information about RVs on this page and instructions how to hook up a converter box here.

Rich asks: How can I get analog channels if I don't have a converter box with "analog pass-through"?
Answer: Check this page: Analog Pass-Through Feature

Darla asks: Regarding the Analog Pass-Through, where do I find which stations will remain analog? Maybe I don't watch those, so that knowledge would affect which model I get.
Answer: Here is the list of Digital TV Stations and Digital TV Coverage Maps

Evan asks: How do I hook up a converter box to my TV and antenna that don't have a cable connection?
Answer: We made a page just for you! Converter box adapters for twin-lead antennas.

Garrick asks: Will I be able to record without setting up the channel on the Converter Box prior to the start of each recording period programmed by my VCR?
Answer: You will have to program both the converter box and your VCR to the same channel to record your programs.

Sandra asks: I am quite disappointed to learn that I can not set the timer on my VCR/DVD combo to tape programs as I once had. I am very interested to know of any current converter box models or any future models that will make this possible.
Answer: The Zinwell ZAT-970A is the only converter box for sale now that we know of that has that feature. The new DVD recorders and DVRs have that function along with digital tuners that can also replace the need for a converter box.

Brad asks: I have a 50" Mitsubishi Projection TV with a dual Tuner set up for the picture in a picture feature. How do I get this feature to continue to work after the transition?
Answer: Sorry to say, you will need 2 converter boxes, one for each tuner to continue using your picture in a picture feature.

Maggie asks: Will I be able to use my VCR with a converter box?
Answer: VCRs and Converter Boxes

Gary asks: Will any of the converter boxes include a QAM tuner along with the ATSC tuner? My understanding is that a QAM tuner will let me view all the HD channels that my cable company is transmitting in the clear (that is those channels that are not pay per view or premium).
Answer: None of the NTIA approved converter boxes are permitted to have a QAM tuner. The Kworld KW-SA295-Q DE Digital TV Tuner Box has a QAM tuner.


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