Portable Digital TVs

Portable Digital TVs (DTVs) are very popular these days and the number one question we get asked is can I use my old portable TV with a digital to analog converter box? The simple answer is NO.

The way to use your old portable TV after the digital transition

The old battery-powered portable TV sets from years ago, sitting in your closet or garage, will not work after the analog to digital transition which occured on June 12, 2009. Those old TV sets are analog only and will not receive a digital signal.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods and other emergencies can happen quickly and without notice. During an emergency, you may lose power, internet, cable and phone service.

A portable, battery-powered Digital TV set may be the only way to receive the latest news and weather.

We recommend protecting your family by preparing, planning and staying informed. A part of everyone's family emergency plan should include a Portable DTV.

Features to look for when choosing a portable Portable DTV:

  • ASTC tuner (to receive the digital signals)
  • 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 standard display
  • Built in antenna
  • Built in speaker
  • Internal or external battery pack
  • Car adapter
  • 120 VAC adapter (house current)
  • Ear phone jack
  • A/V inputs for connecting other devices
  • Added features such as combination DVD, MP3 players, and digital frames.

  • This is a 7" Portable DTV and DVD Player!


    • Watch TV, play DVD movies, see photos and videos in onecompact, easity to use unit.
    • ATSC tuner
    • Insert a memory card or USB cable for home videos, photos and music.
    • Battery time: 2.5 hours, up to 5 hours with optionalbattery pack

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