Can I Use My Old Portable TV With a DTV Converter Box?

Old Portable TVs: Step by step instructions for using your portable analog set with a DTV Converter Box.

FYI: a little bit of technical "do-it-yourself" ability may be required.

Depending on the features of your portable TV set, the connections will vary.

Components required: Antenna, DTV converter box and a portable TV set with audio/video inputs.

Note: The antenna on your old TV set cannot be attached to the DTV converter box and is useless. You will need a separate antenna to connect to the DTV converter box.

Audio/Video (A/V) type connections:

  • Connect an antenna (external rabbit ears or outside antenna) to the RF input of the DTV converter box.
  • Connect the A/V outputs on the converter box to the A/V inputs on the portable TV set using an RCA A/V cable.
  • Switch the TV to A/V input and adjust the converter box for the channel desired. (See the connection diagram for clarification)

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