Front Projection TV

A Front Projection TV is a two-piece system; a projector and a screen, that provide the ultimate home theater experience.

How to choose the right TV set

You don't have to have a screen; you can project onto a wall with satisfactory results. For excellent results, you will need a screen which can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars.

The projector and screen combination of a front projection television has the flexibility of being hidden if desired and using no floor space. The screen can be covered with a curtain and a ceiling mounted electric screen can be retracted. The projector can be mounted to the ceiling or wall and it is very small.

Front projection televisions can easily project a picture onto a 100-inch screen and is easy to view from a wide angle. The use of a good quality projection screen surface is essential to ensure the best results when viewing the picture from different positions.

The farther the projector is from the screen, the bigger the image, but with an increase in size, you get a decrease in brightness. Also the flaws in the picture are magnified and the pixels become more obvious, resulting in a less impressive image.

Front projections televisions don’t normally have reflection problems, especially with matte screen surfaces. With a front projector you are not limited to a set aspect ratio and you can adjust the projection screen border to suit the image source aspect ratio.


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