3D HD TV is Here!

Enter a new dimension in TV Home Entertainment with 3D HD TV that offers visually immersive, stunning pictures that has the power to fill your living room with images so real you’ll want to reach out to touch them.

The 3D experience has changed over the years into the amazing new 3D technology of today.

Hollywood is embracing 3D with a growing number of 3D Movies. The blockbuster movie "Avatar" started it all, and other recent films have sparked enormous interest in 3D Movies prompting electronics makers to quickly satisfy consumers with 3D TV at home.

To view 3DTV in your home, you will need:

3D TV Set

Special 3D glasses

3D Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray 3D Movies or 3D TV Channel

Please note that your active 3D shutter glasses will need to be of the same brand as your 3D-capable HDTV.

What are 3D images?

3D stands for "three dimensional" and are lifelike images that look like they have depth.

In order to see things in 3D, each eye must see a slightly different picture. Our eyes are spaced about 2 inches apart so you get a slightly different image from each eye and that difference is called "disparity".

This disparity creates depth and a "solid" look when your brain then puts the two pictures together to form one 3D image. To artificially produce visual disparity, separate images must be recorded for viewing with both eyes.

Each eye sees a slightly different image, creating the illusion of three dimensions. A special 3D camera has two lenses that captures both eye images at the same time. You will then need to wear special 3D Glasses to see the 3D image.


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