3D Blu-ray Disc Players

The launch of 3D Blu-ray players is a huge step forward in the growing adoption of 3D TV. With 3D movies that started with the blockbuster "Avatar”, consumers are anxious to be able to watch these movies in the comfort of their own homes.

In order to watch 3D movies, you will need a 3D Blu-ray player. So far, Blu-ray manufactures do not have an upgrade to older Blu-ray players, so you will need a new 3D Blu-ray player along with your 3D TV set.

Sony's PlayStation 3D display reads both 3D movies and 3D video games.

To view 3DTV in yourhome, you will need:

3D TV Set

Special 3D glasses

3D Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray 3D Movies or 3D TV Channel

The new 3D Blu-ray Players don’t just play Blu-ray discs, but also have a lot of great features such as Internet connections for Blockbuster, YouTube and even Facebook. The Ultra fast play feature is a great improvement too. You can even listen to your favorite tunes with Pandora or view your pictures with Picasa.


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