3D TV Sets

3D TV Sets are becoming very popular these days with the release of 3D movies such as Avatar. They come in different sizes and have great features such as 1080p HD, Ultra slim design, Internet TV, Game Modes, ATSC Tuners, and so much more!

What is 3D TV?:

3D TV is a generic term for a display technology that lets home viewers experience TV programs, movies, games, and other video content in a 3D stereoscopic effect using active shutter glasses.

In the past, there have been 3D DVD movies that use anaglyph glasses, which use lenses tinted red and cyan (or other colors) which are used to combine two false-color images. The result seen by the viewer is discolored and usually lower-resolution than the new method.

The main improvement with today's 3D technology is the use of active shutter glasses (used for home viewing) and passive glasses (used in theaters). These glasses are high contrast and provide for better, higher video resolution.

To view 3DTV in your home, you will need:

Special 3D glasses

3D Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray 3D Movies or 3D TV Channel

3D TV Set

There is a small percentage of people that cannot see 3D due to stereo blindness which is the inability to properly see stereoscopically. Some stereo-blind viewers can watch 3D material with no problem as long as they wear glasses; it simply appears as 2D to them.


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