3D Shutter Glasses

Everyone watching a 3D TV program must wear 3D glasses to properly see the 3D effect. Without 3D glasses, the image on the screen will appear doubled, distorted, and unwatchable. Currently, the technology does not exist which allows a single TV to display both 2D and 3D content simultaneously without 3D glasses.

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For active shutter glasses, the glasses need to be synchronized to the display of images on the TV. This is normally done by a synchronization emitter. The most common type of emitter sends an IR (infrared light) signal to the glasses. Other types can be RF, Bluetooth, special white image etc. This means the glasses and emitter must match.

Please note: The CEA and glasses manufacturers are working together to establish standardized IR signal protocols however until that work has been completed there is no guarantee that glasses from one manufacturer will work with the emitters from another manufacturer.

The 3D Shutter glasses will need to be of the same brand as your 3D HDTV to work properly.

Viewing 3D images on your TV set at home involve using special electronic 3D shutter glasses. These can be battery powered glasses with an LCD screen that opens and closes like a camera lens.

The 2 different images are shown in an alternating fashion while the glasses are synced to open and close each lens separately providing one image to each eye.

The 3D glasses are designed to be worn over regular prescription glasses and come with two types of nose pads so it will fit different size faces and children.

To watch in 3D mode, you need to put the 3D Active Glasses on and press the power button on top of the glasses.

Fluorescent lighting may cause a flickering effect and direct sunlight may affect the operation of the 3D glasses.

For better viewing, turn off all fluorescent lighting and block sources of direct sunlight before watching in 3D mode.


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