DVD Players

DVD players are a must for any home theater, bedroom or playroom. Compared to years past, they are relatively inexpensive. DVD movies are amazingly sharp, detailed and clear, and the Dolby Digital sound tracks deliver theater quality surround sound. Only Blu-ray players offer a better picture and sound experience.

How to choose which DVD player is right for you:

Do you have an HDTV?

A DVD player with video upconversion is a good choice. “Upconversion” is the term used to describe the conversion, or change of a lower resolution image to a higher one. It can convert DVD video to a resolution that more closely matches that of your HDTV.

Do you watch DVDs in the car or when you travel?

A portable DVD player offers entertainment anywhere! Watch a DVD in the car, on a plane or in a hotel room. Many players have duel headset jacks so two people can watch together. They have rechargeable batteries and 12Volt power adapters so they are perfect for the car.

Do you want to record your TV shows to a DVD?

With a DVD Recorder/Player, you can record TV shows and home movies to DVD, as well as play DVDs you own or rent.

Please note: If you record over-the-air TV broadcast, you will need a DVD Recorder with a built-in Digital ATSC Tunerto recieve the new digital signals.

*See our Digital Recorders page for information on DVRs like TiVo that will allow you to pause live programming and set your favorite TV shows to record whenever they are on.

Do you have VHS tapes that you want to put on DVD?

If you have a lot of VHS tapes in your collection, a DVD/VCR Combo Player is a good choice. These combo units are great for space-challenged areas like a dorm room or bedroom.

You can make your VHS tapes last by burning them onto a DVD with a DVD/VCR Recorder Combo. You can also record TV programs directly to a DVD, so that you can keep them as long as you like.

Please note: You can use your recorder instead of a digital to analog converter box to receive over-the-air digital TV broadcast if you buy a DVD/VCR Recorder Combo with a Digital ATSC Tuner


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