Converter Box Adapter

Directions and Diagram to connect
a twin lead antenna to a converter box.

This guide describes installation of a digital-to-analog-converter box if your TV set has twin-lead terminals for attaching the antenna, instead of a coaxial connector plug or port.

If you have an older television with a "twin lead" antenna cable, you will need additional components not supplied with the converter box.

This older type of antenna cable connection is sometimes called twin lead, 300 ohm, or screw terminal connection.

To adapt a converter box for this type of connection, you will need:

1 - Matching Transformer at the VHF antenna input on the television. RadioShack part #15-1230

1 - Matching Transformer at the RF antenna output on the converter box. RadioShack part #15-1253.

You will also need the coax cable supplied with the converter box.

Follow the diagram to the left.

EZ Tip: You can order these parts online from RadioShack.


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