Mobile DTV Devices

Mobile DTV devices can receive the new Mobile Digital TV signals and are currently being developed and upgraded by manufacturers.

For Sale: 

The EyeTV Mobile for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch and the
Escort Mobile for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch are for sale.

No 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, or data plan is required, and it does not use your existing data plan!

 The Tivax 7-Inch Mobile Digital TV can be used in any vehicle.

Types of Mobile DTV Devices:

Mobile Phone: Almost always on hand, the cell phone is an essential device for connecting to millions of viewers.

Portable Media Player: Portable TVs and DVD players will receive live local broadcasts making the traditional mode of watching video on-the-go even more mobile.

Laptop Computer: The laptop is the perfect device for bundling broadcast television with a large screen viewing area.

Navigation Device (GPS): On the road or in the park, this ever increasingly popular device is used by millions today for their everyday activities.

Automobile-based: Mobile DTV is the perfect addition to the family vehicle.

Current Portable Digital TVs vs. the New Mobile Digital TVs
(that receive free, over-the-air TV broadcasts)

Portable Digital TV Sets:

Portable Digital TVs are capable of receiving digital television signals free over-the-air, but are not able to receive digital signals while moving. These TV sets have to be in one place with the antenna carefully positioned to receive a good signal and picture.

Mobile Digital TV Sets:

Mobile Digital TVs are capable of receiving mobile digital television signals free over-the-air while traveling at speeds over 100 miles per hour.

Currently there are services that will allow you to watch TV from your cell phone. Instead of paying monthly fees of $7 to $15 to subscribe to mobile TV services such as Flo TV or MobiTV. Mobile Digital TV will be transmitted FREE over-the-air by local broadcasters.

Because Mobile DTV is designed for small screens, it does not require a high definition picture. The technology will be used on new portable televisions with up to 10-inch screens, smartphones, in-car entertainment systems, portable media players, and laptops with special adapters that can receive the new signals.

The resolution is fairly low at 416 x 240 pixels, but can be increased to
624 x 360 if the station upgrades to newer technology. The average person won’t be able to notice the difference on smaller screens.

The devices must be within about 60 miles of a broadcast tower for good reception. We will have retailer information here as it becomes available.


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