Sansonic FT300RT
Digital TV Converter Box

The Sansonic ATSC converters process and display ATSC programming and system information in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios to fit any TV.

Connectivity is compliant and easy with a 75 ohm female antenna (F type) input, selectable channel 3 or 4 NTSC analog output and composite RCA video and audio outputs.

The Sansonic converters support channel display, closed caption and V chip parental control.

A remote control is included and the converter displays signal strength on the TV to help consumers get the most enjoyment out of their new Sansonic converter.


  • Receiving and Presenting Audio/Video Formats Contained in ATSC A/53E
  • Support 4:3 and 16:9 Video Format
  • Process and Display ATSC A/65C Program and System
  • Information Protocol data
  • Receiving RF Channels 2 through 69 inclusive
  • Include a female 75 ohm F-Type Connector for VHF/UHF Antenna Input
  • Include a female 75 ohm F-Type Connector with User-selectable Ch3 or 4 NTCS RF Output
  • Composite Video and Stereo Audio Output
  • Full Compliant with ATSC A/74, Receiver Performance Guideline
  • Support Channel Display, Closed Caption, EAS and Parental
  • Control (V-Chip)
  • Full Compliant with Energy Standards
  • Display Antenna Level and Signal quality on the TV

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