Sansonic FT300A
Digital TV Converter Box

Replacement Remote Control for this Converter Box



  • Receiving and Presenting Audio/Video Formats Contained in ATSC A/53E
  • Support 4:3 and 16:9 Video Format
  • Process and Display ATSC A/65C Program and System
  • Information Protocol data
  • Receiving RF Channels 2 through 69 inclusive
  • Includes a female 75 ohm F-Type Connector for VHF/UHF Antenna Input
  • Includes a female 75 ohm F-Type Connector with User-selectable Ch3 or 4 NTCS RF Output
  • Composite Video and Stereo Audio Output
  • Full Compliant with ATSC A/74, Receiver Performance Guideline
  • Support Channel Display, Closed Caption, EAS and Parental
  • Control (V-Chip)
  • Full Compliant with Energy Standards
  • Display Antenna Level and Signal quality on the TV

  • The development of the Sansonic ATSC converter has been two years in design and development.

    The stringent standards set forth by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the United States challenged Sansonic to allocate engineering, research and development to create reliable products that qualify for the Federal coupon rebate program, established to offset the converter cost to the consumer.

    The result is a selection of converters that meet ALL standards including the all important A/74 test. Sansonic’s foresight and engineering expertise allowed it to adapt the right solution to satisfy the strict NTIA standards to market a coupon eligible converter.

    The Sansonic ATSC converters process and display ATSC programming and system information in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios to fit any TV.

    Connectivity is compliant and easy with a 75 ohm female antenna (F type) input, selectable channel 3 or 4 NTSC analog output and composite RCA video and audio outputs.

    The Sansonic converters support channel display, closed caption and V chip parental control.

    A remote control is included and the converter displays signal strength on the TV to help consumers get the most enjoyment out of their new Sansonic converter.


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