Samsung DTBH260F 
HDTV Terrestrial Receiver

Product Details:

  • Model DTBH260F
  • Samsung brings you great flexibility for delivering FREE over-the-air digital television signals to a DTVready television or DTV-capable computer monitors.
  • Award-winning Samsung technology easily tunes and decodes all 18 ATSC Table 3 broadcast formats.
  • With the Samsung DTB-H260F, you can view HDTV, SDTV, and listen to Dolby®
  • Digital 2.0 stereo or Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround audio through your audio system.
  • Samsung solves output worries with a wide selection of output options including 1080i, 720p or 480p/i DTV formats, and connection options including HDMI (1), Component (1), Composite (1), Audio-Right/Left, Dolby® Digital Optical.

  • Key Features:
  • Digital Terrestrial receiver
  • 1080i /720p/480p/ 480i resolution
  • All 18 ATSC formats
  • HDMI, component, composite, S/PDIF (optical)
  • High-gloss, stylish design
  • Remote control
  • Parent control
  • Time zone setting
  • Intuitive signal strength indicator
  • Plug & play for easy setting
  • Intuitive & Iconic menu
  • Advanced electronic program guide
  • Mini guide with transparency
  • Full guide with all information
  • Channel info managementOther Features:
  • On-Screen Signal Strength Indicator
  • Have the ability to view whether or not you are receiving a strong signal which may be affecting the quality of your on-screen imagery.
  • Full Guide
  • To find your favorite programs or to see what is currently on and/or available, you will have access to a full guide
  • Mini Guide
  • For a short list and not to interfere with current viewing you can utilize the mini guide to check concurrent programming.

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