Panasonic DMR-EZ47VK 

Your Favorite Moments As Large As Life 
Bring back special moments and enjoy high-quality images. With a slot for your SD digital image memory card, you can create a slideshow of your favorite photos taken with your digital camera on your Panasonic plasma television.

One-Touch 2-Way Copying2 from VHS to DVD 
Simply press a button and One-Touch 2-Way Copying lets you transfer material from VHS tapes to DVD discs3 and vice versa. This means you can easily record your entire video library onto DVD for a collection that takes up much less space. During tape-to-DVD copying, there's also a handy function that reads recording start (VISS) signals on a tape and automatically creates thumbnails on the DVD discs3.

Accurate Tuning Delivers Beautiful Images 
The Accutune Digital Tuner is a high performance hybrid tuner capable of receiving both digital and analog broadcasts. It uses a signal processor to effectively control noise and distortion, and its proprietary matching circuits allow it to transform and separate digital or analog signals. When digital broadcast signals drop out, generally the picture either disappears or becomes filled with block-noise, but the Accutune Digital Tuner produces a beautiful picture even under difficult reception conditions, such as when there are obstacles interfering with direct signal access.

Enjoy HD Quality Images 
With twice the horizontal resolution (500 lines vs. the 250-line standard of many other DVD recorders) when recording in LP mode, you can fit up to four hours of recordings on one DVD (4.7GB capacity) and still enjoy crisp, vibrant and exceptionally detailed images. 1080p up-conversion with HDMI converts video images to 1080p digital resolution for sharp, high-impact images.

Record and Play Almost Any DVD Format 
Incredibly versatile and multi-format-friendly, you can record to and play back just about any DVD, including DVD-R/-RW/-RAM/+R/+RW discs, as well as DVD-Video, DVD-R (dual layer), DVD+R (dual layer), CD, CD-DA and CD-R/RW (including MP3 files). With a Panasonic DVD recorder, never think twice about what disc you need.

Get High-Resolution Progressive Playback 
Panasonic DVD recorders are equipped with a high-precision progressive video processor that handles 30-frame progressive scan images1 on NTSC discs. This lets you enjoy high-resolution progressive playback of original DVD images.

Easy Connection and Control 
Tired of tangled wires? HDMI Simple Connection lets you connect your components with one cable, while EZ Sync HDAVI Control means you can connect your DVD player to your Panasonic components and control operation with one touch of your remote.

Digital Broadcast Capable with Built-In ATSC4 Tuner 
Automatic Program Information Acquisition (ATSC4) 
2x LP Horizontal Resolution (500 lines) 
Progressive Scan 
Long Time Recording with High Picture Quality (EP mode: 8 hours) 
Real-Time Variable Bit Rate Control 
EZ Sync™ HDAVI Control 
HDMI Simple Connection (HDMI Ver. 1.3) 
Super Multi-Format Recording & Playback5 
DivX Playback6 
JPEG View with SD Slot 
One-Touch 2-Way Copying


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