HDTV (High Definition TV) Information

HDTV, also know as High Definition Television, is the premier class of Digital TV, superior to Standard Definition TV (SDTV) and Enhanced Definition TV (EDTV)

HDTV vs HDTV-Ready

The picture quality with High Definition TV is visibly sharper and more detailed than any other format.

High Definition TV has noticeably improved pictures in high resolution, even better than most movie theaters.

When combined with a digital audio surround sound system, it truly makes watching television better than going to the movies! Most of the television sets sold in the U.S. are High Definition TVs.

The free Digital TV signal broadcast from television stations includes all the information necessary to provide all of the digital formats.

Some TV programs may only be available in the lower definition format of SDTV or EDTV. When these formats are received, your High Definition TV will display them at the reduced definition. The good news is most stations deliver some HD programming.

The High Definition format uses a progressive scanning rate of 720p resolution and uses an interlaced scanning rate of 1080i.

Progressive vs. Interlaced Scanning

Most High Definition televisions are capable of receiving 1080p, but television stations are not capable of transmitting these signals over the air with good enough quality.

HD Digital TVs are available in wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio and can display the more conventional 4:3 format within the wide screen.


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