DirecTV Voice
is a Siri Fan's Best Friend

The new DirecTV voice app is designed for all varieties of devices, including Android and the iPhone. The app allows people to speak to their phone in order to prompt it to search for programs, make recordings and watch shows on both the phone as well as on the TV at home. For those who find Siri to be their best friend, this app is a seamless transition.

The CEO of DirecTV, Mike White, has said that it plans on partnering with carriers on the different wireless initiatives as opposed to trying to acquire carriers. The company is very supportive of the wireless revolution, including Netflix and Hulu.

DirecTV is dedicated to enhancing the overall experience for viewers. This allows people to transition between all of their devices without having to miss anything. The CEO has also said that while acknowledging mobile video is becoming more popular, it is not taking over the desire to have a big screen TV at home to watch a game or movie.

Siri is associated with Apple and allows people to use a new form of technology to speak commands to the phone. Siri can be considered a personal assistant, allowing people to speak a variety of commands to navigate through the phone. This makes it easier for people to pluck information from their phones without having to search for them.

The DirecTV voice app is popular amongst those who use the iPhone Siri technology because they follow the same general principle. The voice app is free and allows people to go through the DirecTV menu options without having to go through any of the menus.

Essentially, the voice commands bypass the need to do any of this. Signing up for DirecTV can be done directly through their site, or through partner sites like

The current plan for DirecTV is to partner with different wireless carriers. This will allow customers to access the wireless network of DirecTV on the network they already have. This allows everyone the ability to stay with the device they want without having to switch networks in the process. The CEO has said that it is not the company’s intention to acquire a wireless company at this point, which is against what the rival Dish Network is looking to do.

Voice apps are becoming increasingly popular because people want to be able to control their devices. The Siri technology has caught on very well and with the partnerships that DirecTV is creating with AT&T, Verizon and others, people will be able to benefit from all forms of voice technology on their devices.

Customers of DirecTV can take all of the devices they already have and if DirecTV has partnered with their wireless carrier, they have more controls than ever before. It won’t take the place of the big screen, but it provides more mobile features, which is what people are looking for. Plus, fans of Siri will be able to take advantage of the voice app to control more of what DirecTV has to offer in the same style of technology they have grown accustomed to.


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