Digital Stream DPH1000R
HDTV Recorder with
Digital Tuner and 320 GB HDD

The Digital Stream DPH1000R is equipped with ATSC/QAM tuners, capable of recording over-the-air broadcast TV content to its built-in 350GB hard drive. It comes with composite video in and outs so you can record analog video from other devices, and also supports the playback of the recorded HD programs through the HDMI output.

The DPH1000R is capable of receiving free-to-air Analog/Digital/Unscrambled Cable signal and recording 120hours free broadcast with bulit-in 320GB HDD. In addition to that, user can enjoy various play option such as fast forward or rewind or pause. It also has Video/Audio input at the rear, so that user can watch external source such as Camcorder and record the program inside. More important, all functions will be done without monthly subscrption.

Product Features:

Receives Digital/Analog/Clear QAM channels

Records Digital/Analog programs

Built-in 2.5-Inch 320GB HDD (38hrs HD/150hrs of SD)

Simultaneous record while playback other titles (DTV only)

Scheduled recording from EPG

Manufacturers specifications are subject to change without notice.


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