Cable Compromise

The U.S. cable industry ( launched an extensive consumer education campaign to alert TV viewers about the analog to digital transition several years ago.

It included this information:

The good news is that the digital transition should be easy. Thanks to a compromise adopted by the FCC in September 2007, cable companies will carry the main digital signal of "must carry" commercial broadcast TV stations and will duplicate that signal into analog format so that all channels can be viewed on any older analog TV sets connected to cable.

Cable’s carriage of the signals in both digital and analog formats will ensure that all customers will see commercial broadcast TV signals after the transition.

This approach will make the digital transition effortless for all cable customers and provide valuable assistance to commercial TV stations trying to reach all of the homes in their region.

While cable systems will work to ensure that their customers are ready for the transition, education of all Americans remains critical

FYI: The requirements to continue to offer local broadcast stations in both analog and digital formats was in force from the date of the transition through February 2012. Now that the deadline has passed, the Cable companies are switching to all digital broadcasts.


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