Since our last Newsletter in March, we've been updating our site to focus on all the new and exciting changes going on with Digital TV and the things we've found interesting.  
Have you heard about Netflix?  Did you know that you can stream movies right to your TV set instantly AND have movies delivered to your home for only $8.99/month?  We just signed up and it's great!  

If you have TiVo like we do, or a Blu-ray Player, HDTV, DVR or game console with internet, you can watch movies instantly, no download required.  We can even watch movies on our iPhones! If you don't have an iPhone, it looks like many of the new phones that you can get with one of the T-Mobile prepaid phone plans can stream through 3G or 4G as well. And if you don't have one of those, you can purchase a digital streaming player like the Roku.

You can watch as many different movies as you want on all your TV sets at the same time! If you are interested, check out the free, one month trial on Netflix.  We are quite impressed!

Google TV:

Google TV is "television meets the internet". Google TV enables access to all the web content you already get today on your phone and computer. With Google TV, you type in what you want to watch, and Google TV will find it for you.

Google TV lets you search all of the content on your TV, the web, and apps.  Check out our Google TV page!

3D TV is Here:

The 3D experience from the past has changed over the years into the amazing new 3D technology of today.  We just saw a sample at a big box store and it was amazing!

In order to enjoy the new 3D technology you will need a 3D TV Set, special 3D glasses, and a 3D Blu-ray player. Oh and don't forget your favorite 3D Movie!

Check out our new 3D TV page!

Mobile Digital TV:

First there was Digital TV ... now there is Mobile Digital TV!

Mobile Digital TV  is delivering free over-the-air Mobile Digital TV signals. This is big news!  Now, you can watch TV while moving in a car, bus or train!  See our Mobile DTV page for more information.

Portable Digital TVs:

Portable Digital TVs are still flying off the shelves.  If you lose power during a storm, a battery powered Digital TV is a must.

Replacement Remote Controls for Converter Boxes:

We found a company that is selling replacement remote controls for the converter boxes.  

Converter Boxes:

If you are having trouble with your Digital to Analog Converter box, here is a link to all the Converter Box Manufacturers.  You can contact them directly for converter box issues. If you need to purchase a converter box, the Zinwell ZAT-970A seems to be a very good box with the best price of only $40.
We now have online manuals for most converter boxes on our site too.

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