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First there was Digital TV ... now there is Mobile Digital TV!

Mobile Digital TV  is the new U.S. broadcast standard for delivering free over-the-air Mobile Digital TV signals. This is big news!  Soon, you will be able to watch TV while moving in a car, bus or train!  Check our Mobile DTV page for more information.

Converter Boxes:

We are hearing a lot of complaints about the converter boxes. Here is a link to all the Converter Box Manufacturers.  You can contact them directly for converter box issues.

If you still need a converter box, FreeDTVShop has them for $40 and no shipping! You can also check our Converter Box Retailers page.

Replacement Remote Controls for Converter Boxes:

We found a company that is selling several replacement remote controls for the converter boxes.  They now have a "universal remote" that will work on several boxes so check our Remote Control page.

Portable Digital TVs:

Portable Digital TVs are flying off the shelves.  If you lose power during a storm, a battery powered Digital TV is a must.
There is a new Portable Digital TV with a DVD Player on the market now so  you can watch TV and  DVDs anywhere, anytime!

Still Having Reception Problems?

Check our Reception Problems, Tips and Solutions page.  Don't forget to rescan your converter box! We also have information about Antennas with a list of good digital antenna choices.

Converter Boxes for RVs and Boats:

Don't forget about converter boxes for your RVs and Boats: Check our RVs and Digital TV page that includes instructions for connecting a 12V converter box in your RV.

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