Digital TV is Here!

We are being overwhelmed with questions since the transition.  Here are a few issues we would like to share with everyone:

Replacement Converter Box Remote Controls:

We found a company that is selling several replacement remotes for the converter boxes.  They plan to stock many more models in the future so check our Remote Control page often!

Portable Digital TVs:

Portable Digital TVs are a big seller right now.  If you live in hurricane country and lose power during a storm, a battery powered Digital TV is a must!

Portable Radios with Digital TV:

As far as we know, radios with Digital Television channels aer not available yet.  As soon as more information becomes available, we will post it on our Portable Digital TV page.

Still Having Reception Problems?

Check our  Reception Problems, Tips and Solutions page.  Don't forget to rescan your converter box!  We also have information about Antennas with a list of good choices.

Converter Box Retailers:

Don't forget about converter boxes for your RVs and Boats: Check our RVs and Digital TV page that includes instructions for connecting a 12V converter box in your RV.

You can still get the Airlink101 ATVC102  Converter Box free online with your coupon, no shipping costs from FreeDTVshop.  

Check our Converter Box Retailers Page for online and in-store retailers and all the latest news.

We hope everyone is doing well with the new transition!

Don't forget to use this link: or the search boxes on our website to do all your online shopping anytime!

Feel free to reply with comments or questions.


Ken and Linda from EZ Digital TV