Smart Antennas

Smart Antennas when used with a compatible converter box, automatically adjusts the gain and directionality of the antenna to meet the reception needs of that particular channel.  

No more adjusting rabbit ears! You can check our converter box comparison chart for boxes with this feature.  

RCA has a new indoor smart antenna that is available at SolidSignal
You can also buy an outdoor smart antenna from SolidSignal

Check our Smart Antenna page for more information.

New NTIA Approved Converter Eligible Converter Boxes

The NTIA has recently added these boxes to their CECB list, all with analog pass-through:

Lasonic LTA-611
Lasonic LTA-622
Sansonic PS-700SMT
Lasonic LTR-633
Lasonic LTR-635
Carefree CB8877
Carefree CB8899
New Converter Boxes Specifications

Zinwell ZAT-950A
SPICA AT 2018*
Digital Stream DSP6500C*

Airlink101 ATVC102

MaxMedia LuTRO

Componexx CX-900A*
AccessHD DTA 1080D*

Convert Box Retailers

Check our Converter Box Retailers Page for online retailers, boxes, and prices.
The prices are coming down!

Coupon Reminder

The Digital Transition takes place on February 17, 2009.
Last day consumers can apply for coupon is March 31, 2009.
Last day retailers can accept coupons is July 9, 2009.
Coupon Statistics as of 11/19/08:

Coupons Requested - 35,950,018
Coupons Mailed - 33,643,056
Coupons Expired - 11,178,157
Coupons Redeemed - 14,566,290

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Ken and Linda from EZ Digital TV