The DTVPal Plus Converter Box is Available

The new Dish Network DTVPal Plus is now available for purchase online with your coupon.  It  is the same box as the DTVPal but has an "Enhanced Digital Tuner."  The new tuner is "optimized to improve signal strength in weak signal conditions."

Wilmington, N.C. Goes All Digital

On September 8, 2008, Wilmington, N.C. became the first in the country to cut off their analog signals and broadcast only in digital.  It was first major test of the government-mandated conversion coming to the rest of the country in February.

P.O. Box Households Eligible to Receive Converter Box Coupons

On September 16, 2009, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez announced  that residents of licensed nursing homes, intermediate care facilities, assisted living facilities and households that use a post office box for mail delivery will be eligible to request coupons from the TV Converter Box Coupon Program. The rule change takes effect 30 days after publication in the Federal Register.

New Converter Boxes Now Available for Purchase Online

These boxes with analog pass-through are now available online with a coupon: 
AccessHD DTA1080U 
Alpha Digital AT2016
GE 23333

Check our Retailers Page for a complete list

Battery Pack for Converter Boxes

Winegard offers a Battery Pack that allows you to run their Winegard converter boxes off of 6 D cell batteries. You can purchase the Winegard 9-Volt Battery Pack and the Winegard RC-DT09A converter box from SolidSignal.

In an emergency TV can be your only source of information, dont be left in the dark if your power goes out. Great for RVers too!
No need to replace your existing battery powered analog TV when you buy this battery pack and a Winegard Converter Box.
-Stay tuned to weather and news when you lose power
-Required 6 - "D" Cell batteries (not included)
-Battery pack hooks into DC IN 9V jack
-Lasts up to 18 hours
-ONLY Compatible with Winegard Converter Boxes

New NTIA approved Converter Boxes

The NTIA has recently added these boxes to their CECB list, all with analog pass-through:

Solid Signal SSCB20P 
Artec T3AP-LS 
Digital Rising SBTX02 
Sansonic QS-800CT 
PrimeDTV PHD-096 
Specifications not yet available.

New Converter Boxes Specifications

AccessHD DTA1080U
Dish Network DTVPal Plus


Componexx CX-900A

AccessHD DTA 1080D

GE 23333

GE 23334

Sunkey SK-801

Winegard RCDT09A 

Coupon Reminder

The Digital Transition takes place on February 17, 2009.
Last day consumers can apply for coupon is March 31, 2009.
Last day retailers can accept coupons is July 9, 2009.
Coupon Statistics as of 10/8/08:

Coupons Requested - 30,052,854
Coupons Mailed - 28,309,998
Coupons Expired - 9,198,553
Coupons Redeemed - 11,716,449

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Ken and Linda from EZ Digital TV