Here’s the latest from EZ Digital TV:

Several new coupon-eligible converter boxes (CECBs) were added to the NTIA list last month bringing the total to 82. We are working with a great online retailer who is selling 20 different boxes and you can use your coupons!

The big news is that the EchoStar TR-40 converter box has been redesigned and will be sold as the DTVPal.  It is the only box that we know of that will have a (VCR) Event Timer. It will also have analog pass-through and a 7 day Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)

The DISH Network DTVPal was added to the NTIA list and will be available mid-June. The price will be $40, so if you use your coupon, it will be free!

A lot of people have been asking about pre-ordering the box because their coupons are expiring. Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. We are going to miss out too because our coupons expire at the end of May.

 Latest information about the coupons:

Total accepted applications 6,057,116
Coupons ordered 11,428,483

Your Application Approval Date Targeted Mail Date
February 25 - March 10, 2008   4/25/2008
March 11 - 23, 2008   5/2/2008
March 24 - April 7, 2008 5/9/2008
April 8 - 25, 2008 5/16/2008

Manufacturers continue to contact us with information about their converter boxes. We update our pages with new information as it becomes available. We have product features and specifications on most of the CECBs and we are working to gather information on the rest.  Our CECB comparison chart has been updated too.

Watch our site for information on how to use a converter box with a portable TV in your, RV, car or boat.

Feel free to reply with comments or questions.


Ken from EZ Digital TV