While we are all waiting for the coupons to arrive, here is some information we have:

There is a new on-line retailer selling the Tivax STB T-9 and you can use your coupon!  Here is the link:  Tivax STB T-9

Yesterday, the CASTi Company in Korea contacted us and sent their specifications and pictures on the CASTi CAX–01 Converter Box. They do not have a retailer or a price for their box yet.

The Digital STREAM DSP6500R, Digital STREAM DSP7500T and the Zentech DF2000 were added to the list of NTIA approved coupon-eligible converter boxes.

Radio Shack is now carrying the Digital STREAM DTX9900 for $59.99. 

There have been so many questions about VCRs and Converter Boxes; it’s going to be a difficult transition.  It may be tricky to continue using your VCR and you may want to purchase a digital recorder that will not only be able to record all of your favorite TV shows, but it will also replace the need for a converter box.  We have a new page that discusses your options and some of the digital recorders on the market.

We just received information that the EchoStar TR-40 will not be available until June or July 2008.

Most frequently asked question: Can I put a converter box between the antenna and a splitter to feed all the TV sets in my house?

Answer: A digital to analog converter box cannot be connected to several TVs at the same time using a splitter because all of the TVs would view the same channel; the one that the converter box is set to. The converter box can only be tuned to one channel at a time. Unfortunately, each TV set will need its own converter box.

As we gather information about the converter boxes, where they are sold and the prices, we will post it on the Converter Box Retailers page along with all the latest information so check there often!

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Ken from EZ Digital TV