The $40 Tr-40 Converter Box is Available

It's finally here! The $40.00 TR-40 CRA by DISHNetwork is now available online, free with your coupon.  (not including shipping)

The following is an excerpt from a press release this week:

"On Aug. 20, 2008, DISH Network Corporation announced that the TR-40 CRA by DISH Network, an entry-level, digital-to-analog converter box, is now available for sale nationwide. The box, available for a limited time only while supplies last, is priced at $40 and is free when a government coupon is applied. "We made a commitment to sell a $40 coupon-eligible converter box, making it free when a government coupon is applied, and are delivering on that commitment with our entry-level TR-40 CRA," said Tom Stingley, executive vice president of Sales and Distribution for DISH Network."

The press release also offered their satellite service as an alternative.  They say the TR-40 is "entry-level" but it is essentially the same as the DTVPal with many great features.

New Converter Boxes Now Available for Purchase Online

These boxes with analog pass-through are now available online with a coupon: 
Sunkey SK-801

Tivax STB-T8
Winegard RC-DT09A
Artec T3AP Pro

Check our Retailers Page for a complete list


Some of the Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes (CECBs) have a "smart antenna" interface which will automatically seek and lock the strongest DTV signal available. You can check our CECB Comparison Chart to see which boxes have that feature.  Buy a Smart Antenna online from Summit Source by clicking on this link: DTA-5000 TV Smart Antenna.

You can also buy all types of  HDTV Antennas from Antennas Direct and Summit Source

New NTIA approved Converter Boxes

The NTIA has recently added these boxes to their CECB list, all with analog pass-through:

AccessHD DTA1050D 
AccessHD DTA1050U 
Airlink101 ATVC102 
Dish Network DTVPal Plus 
MaxMedia LuTRO 
Specifications not yet available.

New Converter Boxes Specifications

Apex DT502

Coupon Statistics as of 8/13/08:

Coupons Requested - 23,590,405
Coupons Mailed - 22,223,604
Coupons Expired - 6,659,962
Coupons Redeemed - 8,275,459

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Ken and Linda from EZ Digital TV