DTVPal Update

There has been a lot of speculation and confusion regarding the DTVPal. As most of you know, the DTVPal was supposed to be sold for $39.99 as advertised by DishNetwork.

Some retailers began taking pre-orders but were told just prior to the boxes being shipped from the manufacturer that the price had gone up to $59.99, so those orders were canceled.

There is a new online retailer who is selling the DTVPal for $59.99 and accepting coupons. You can find the link to purchase the DTVPal at on our DISHNetwork DTVPal page.

NTIA Coupon-Eligible Converter Boxes (CECBs)

The NTIA has recently added these boxes to their CECB list:

  • Airlink101 ATVC101
  • CASTi CAX-03*
  • DAYTEK CAX-03*
  • Desay ATSC 8000
  • Skardin DTR-0728L*
  • GE 23333*
  • GE 23334*
  • Componexx CX-900
  • COSHIP N9901T*
  • Zenith DTT901*
  • Zentech EZTV DF2000L*

    CECB Retailers

    Here the complete list of DTV Certified Converter Box Retailers updated by the NTIA on July 2, 2008. (It is a large file)

    Coupon Statistics

  • Coupons Requested 18,230,099
  • Coupons Mailed 16,893,820
  • Coupons Expired 1,786,946
  • Coupons Redeemed 4,401,307

    Converter Box Reviews

    Consumer Reports has reviewed 14 converter boxes. You can read the full reviews at Consumer

    Cable TV

    There is an exceptional commentary found in the Red Tape Chronicles by Bob Sullivan at The article pertains to Cable TV's role in the Digital Transition and the unseen impact it will have on millions of Cable subscribers.

    Visitors to our "Is Cable Affected" page will recognize the similar opinions expressed for months by EZ Digital TV.

    If you are a Cable subscriber, we suggest you take some time to read this article and share it with your friends and neighbors.

    Feel free to reply with comments or questions.


    Ken from EZ Digital TV