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We are getting a lot of questions about the converter boxes and what features they have. All coupon-eligible converter boxes must have the same basic, NTIA required features. Some of those boxes have additional features that are allowed by the NTIA.

There are many great features such a QAM tuner, Component Outputs and HDMI Connections that are NOT included in the coupon-eligible converter boxes. There are several converter boxes on the market that do have these added features, but you can't use the coupons.

Please check these links to review your options:

NTIA requirements for a coupon-eligible converter box.

NTIA approved additional converter box features.

Check the bottom of the Converter Box page for links to
Non-Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes.

We are still trying to gather information about purchasing the converter boxes on-line.  We have heard that Radio Shack and Best Buy have a toll free number to order boxes.  The converter boxes should be in the stores this weekend and the coupons should be arriving shortly.  

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