Reference Links

We have compiled a list of reference links you might find useful if you need some additional information about the Digital Transition.

Links to converter boxes, antennas, and remote controls you may need to receive over-the-air TV.

Digital Definitions
Definitions of common Digital TV terms.

Digital TV Coverage Maps
Maps of All Full-Power Digital TV Stations Authorized by the FCC. The FCC has issued a report showing the coverage maps for all full-service TV facilities, including 1,749 stations that have both an analog and digital TV facility and 69 stations having only digital TV facilities.

The complete list of DTV Certified Converter Box Retailers
The list of participating retailers compiled by the NTIA - October, 22, 2008

Digital to Analog Transition Consumer Facts Sheet
Consumer facts sheet on the transition from analog to digital broadcasting prepared by the Federal Communication Commission.

Buying a New Digital TV
Informational brochure for consumers who are interested in purchasing a new digital TV prepared by the Federal Communication Commission.

FCC Closed Captioning Consumer Facts Sheet
Consumer facts sheet on Closed Captioning for persons with hearing disabilities prepared by the Federal Communication Commission.

FCC Closed Caption Decoder Requirements
The Federal Communications Commission - Title 47 Telecommunication 47CFR15.122 deals with closed caption decoder requirements for digital television receivers and converter boxes. It states that effective
July 1, 2002, DTV converter boxes that allow digitally transmitted television signals to be displayed on analog receivers shall pass available analog caption information to the attached receiver in a form recognizable by that receiver's built-in caption decoder circuitry.

Impact of the DTV Transition
The Federal Communications Commission proposed rule on Digital TV and the impact on existing analog Television broadcasting.

Energy Star Guidelines for CECBs
Digital to analog converter box manufacturers must meet Energy Star guidelines in order to receive approval to be considered an Energy Star partner.

Digital Television Channel Assignments
Digital Television Stations final channel assignments.

US TV Stations Assigned Frequencies
The United States frequency allocations table by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

Low Power and Translator TV Stations A complete list of Low-Power TV and Translator Stations.


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